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Setting up Dial up on Mac OS X


Below are the step-by-step instructions to set up your Mac OS X machine for Dial up.

If you experience any problems, please contact Grapevine Technical Support on 13 35 00 (option 3)

1) Choose "System Preferences..." from the apple menu.
System preferences menu screenshot for Mac OS X
2) Under Internet and Network category, choose Network from the View menu.
Internet and Network screenshot for Mac OS X
3) Choose Internal Modem from the "Show" drop-down menu.
Network screenshot for Mac OS X
4) Ensure that the PPP tab is selected, and fill in the following information:
  • Service Provider: Grapevine
  • Account Name: Type in your username - ensure your username is your full Grapevine email address.
  • Password: Type in your connection password.
  • Telephone number: Type in the telephone number field the Grapevine dialup number (ACT - 6162 8611).

Network screenshot for Mac OS X
5) Click on PPP Options, and ensure the settings are similar to the ones below, then click OK.
Network PPP session options screenshot for Mac OS X
6) Click on Dial Now and this will prompt you to connect. Ensure your phone line is connected to your machine and click Connect.
Internal Modem screenshot for Mac OS X
7) At the top of the screen, click on the telephone icon and select Connect.
Dial up connect menu screenshot for Mac OS X
8) Once you are connected, you will see a screen to the one below.
Status box screenshot for Mac OS X
You are now connected to Grapevine.
Grapevine support
13 35 00
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