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Setting up Dial up on Windows XP


Below are the step-by-step instructions to set up your Windows XP machine for Dial up.

If you experience any problems, please contact Grapevine Technical Support on 13 35 00 (option 3)

1) Load Run command (Start > Run)
Windows XP menu shown when clicking 'start'
2) In the run dialog box, type inetwiz and click OK.
Run command box screenshot for Windows
3) Ensure Connect using my phone line is selected, and click Next.
Inetwiz introduction screenshot for Windows
4) Ensure Create a new dial-up connection is selected, and click Next.
Inetwiz Dial up connection screenshot for Windows
5) Type in the Telephone number field the Grapevine dialup number (ACT - 6162 8611), and click Next.
Inetwiz internet account connection information screenshot for Windows
6) Type in your Grapevine username (your full email address) and password, then click Next.
Inetwiz internet account logon information screenshot for Windows
7) Type in the name of the ISP as Grapevine.
Inetwiz configuring your computer screenshot for Windows
8) If you wish to set up your email as well, click Yes. If you don't wish to set up your email, click No and this will prompt you to connect.
Inetwiz set up your internet mail account screenshot for Windows
9) Enter in the display name field what you would like the recipients to see who the email was sent from, and click Next.
Inetwiz set up email display name screenshot for Windows
  • In the Incoming Mail Server dropdown menu, ensure POP3 is selected.
  • In the Incoming Mail Server field, type in
  • In the Outgoing Mail Server field, type in
  • Click Next.

Inetwiz set up email email address screenshot for Windows
  • In the Account Name field, type in your full Grapevine email address (not just the first part without the domain).
  • Type your password in the password field.
  • Ensure "Remember password" is ticked and "Log on using SPA" is unticked.
  • Click Next.

Inetwiz email server names screenshot for Windows
12) Click Finish.
Inetwiz internet mail logon screenshot for Windows
13) The next screen will prompt you to connect, so click the connect button.
Inetwiz finish wizard screenshot for Windows
You are now connected to Grapevine via dial up.
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