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Grapevine's world began in April 2005, when it was launched by two Canberra-based organisations: ActewAGL and TransACT.

Originally providing Canberra customers with broadband and dial-up services, Grapevine's product range has expanded to include web hosting, along with a myriad of broadband plans to serve residential and business customers Australia-wide.

Grapevine's history dates back to 2003 when it was formerly known as NetConnect and owned by ActewAGL.

Following a management agreement between ActewAGL and TransACT, the two organisations joined forces to launch Grapevine as a joint-venture ISP in 2005.

In May 2010, ActewAGL sold its share of Grapevine to TransACT, who are now the sole owners of Grapevine.

Broadband across two networks

Grapevine provides broadband to its customers across Australia on two separate networks - the TransACT network and the national network - dependant on where customers live.

Grapevine on the TransACT network is provided to customers living in the ACT and parts of Queanbeyan in NSW.

Grapevine on the national network is offered to customers living anywhere else in Australia.

Classed as a large ISP in Australia with more than 20,000 customers, Grapevine continues to grow from strength to strength and looks forward to rolling out more innovative products in the coming months.

About the TransACT network

Since 2001, TransACT has been rolling out a fibre-optic network to provide Canberra and Queanbeyan with the next generation of communication services. TransACT services consist of home phone, mobile phone, broadband and subscription television.

Customers with a Grapevine plan on the TransACT network receive their broadband in a unique, two-part process: a broadband connection provided by TransACT, and an ISP plan to connect to the internet provided by Grapevine.

Here, the TransACT broadband plan determines the speed of the internet connection, while the Grapevine ISP plan determines the download limit of the plan. Together, the two combined create the user's complete broadband plan.

About the national network

In order to service customers across Australia, Grapevine introduced ADSL broadband plans on the national network in 2007. These plans are available to customers outside of the ACT and Queanbeyan.

Grapevine plans to expand its customer base in key markets across Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne.

Grapevine is also looking into new product opportunities on the national network, including offering customers competitively priced phone and broadband packages.

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