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2.  Account questions

2.1  How do I sign up for a Grapevine plan?

You can sign up by calling 13 35 00 or online with our secure application process. You must read and agree to the terms and conditions before signing up.

2.2  How can I pay for a Grapevine plan?

You can choose from two options to pay for your Grapevine account — direct debit from your credit card or direct debit from your savings/cheque account (other than American Express and Diners Club).

2.3  When are my payments due?

Your Grapevine payments are due each month from the date of the creation of your account, depending on the payment plan you have selected. Payments are due in advance of each month.

2.4  Can I change from one plan to another?

Call the Grapevine help desk on 13 35 00 and you can change your plan over the phone.

2.5  What support does Grapevine offer me?

Grapevine offers five types of support services to customers:

  1. Account manager — an online tool that allows you to monitor your usage and perform a number of technical functions such as changing your access password and the disk quota allocated to your mailbox.
  2. Guides — connection and program setup information.
  3. Email support — questions or problems can be sent via the Grapevine technical assistance form or emailed to
  4. Phone support — urgent problems and enquiries can be phoned through to the Grapevine on 13 35 00.
  5. epayplus — ActewAGL, TransACT and Grapevine's online account management service allows you to control how you pay your ISP account and keep track of payment transactions.
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