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10.  Content filtering

10.1  How can I protect my children and other users of my internet service from inappropriate material on the internet?

Supervising your children is the best method of content control. Detailed information about supervising children's use of the internet is available on the cybersmartkids website at This website has been established by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), which regulates internet content hosted in Australia.

It is also possible to purchase or download software that filters internet sites accessed from your computer. This software is useful if you are unable to provide supervision for children, or do not wish to be confronted by pornography, gambling or other potentially offensive content.

10.2  What does filtering software do?

Filtering software assists with blocking illegal or offensive internet sites. The type of content that may be blocked can include sites containing violence, crime, sexually explicit material and drug related material. It is the filter manufacturers' role to categorise these new sites so that their filtering software remains current. More information on filtering software is provided in the Internet Industry Association (IIA) user guide at IIA User Guide.

10.3  Which filtering product should I use?

Before purchasing filtering software, make sure it meets all your requirements. To help you make a decision on which product to purchase the Internet Industry Association (IIA) provides a list of approved filters including contact details at IIA User Guide.

10.4  Who determines prohibited content?

The Australian Broadcasting Authority will determine whether or not material that is subject to complaint is prohibited content or potentially prohibited content.

People with web pages or who put material on the internet should be aware that they have legal responsibilities. Placing certain content on the internet may have civil or criminal liability under State, Territory and Commonwealth laws. For further information refer to the IIA User Guide. You must also abide by any terms and conditions set by your Internet service Provider (see Grapevine's terms and conditions, acceptable use and end user responsibilities policy).

10.6  Where do I go if I have a complaint about internet content?

As a consumer you have every right to lodge a complaint relating to prohibited or potentially prohibited content on a website. For more information about prohibited content, or to lodge a complaint about a website, go to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

10.7  Does Grapevine need to censor content?

Internet service providers are not required to review, monitor or classify the content hosted on their service. The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) is the first point of contact for complaints about internet content. The ABA will only investigate content that is the subject of a complaint.

10.8  How do I minimise the receipt of unsolicited email promoting offensive material?

Spam is any email message that is transmitted to a large number of recipients where some or all of the recipients have not explicitly and knowingly subscribed to those messages. Information on how to manage spam can be found at IIA.

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