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Service schedule - dial-up plans

The following table outlines the key variable features of Grapevine dial-up plans. These features are to be read in conjunction with the service type, service description, service price, payment date, general conditions and special conditions below.

(3 months)
Download speed
Based on your dial-up modem speed
Upload speed
Based on your dial-up modem speed
Download limit
(per month)
75MB Nil 200MB Unlimited Unlimited
2 email accounts
(1GB storage each)
Check Check Check Check Check
10Mb free webspace Check Check Check Check Check
Online data storage 10MB free
Additional 1GB mailbox $2 per month
Monthly cost $12.90 $17.95 $25.95 $27.95 $74.85
(per three months)
Overrun cost* 18¢
per Mb
per hour
per Mb
Nil Nil
All charges are GST inclusive unless otherwise stated. All plans are subject to Grapevine terms and conditions and acceptable use policy. ‡The download measurement period is one month. All plans are subject to Grapevine terms and conditions, Copyright Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and service schedule.
Service type
  • Consumer service — this means the end user may only use the service for residential personal use and not for any business, commercial or other purpose.
  • These plans are not designed for continuous or permanent connection.
  • Australia-wide.
Service description
  • Email accounts — 2.
  • Web home pages — 1.
  • Storage capacity per mailbox — 1GB.
  • Storage per web homepage — 10MB.
  • No restriction on megabytes of data downloaded per account per month.
  • Modem pool — access to the internet through a pool of available modems.
  • Dial-up connection is only available through a standard PSTN (public switched telephone network) connection.
  • Grapevine reserves the right to disconnect service after 20 minutes idle time.
  • Maximum limit for web homepage content transfer — 500MB of data per month.
  • Free end user support is provided during Grapevine end user support business hours — refer to for further information on end user support.
Service price
  • Fees for these plans are levied according to the standard fee and surcharges for each plan as described in the table above.
  • Payment methods — direct debiti via a valid credit card (excluding Amex and Diners Club) or an applicable bank account.
  • A $20.00 connection fee applies to all new accounts.
  • Charges are levied monthly in advance for the fixed fee, and in arrears for any surcharges.
  • Payments of the fixed price per plan are levied and payable in advance starting on the commencement date and on each payment date thereafter. Surcharges are charged in arrears.
  • Prices are GST inclusive.
  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • Additional electronic storage data capacity per end user web homepage, over and above the storage limit of 10mb per month, will be charged at $2.50 per 10MB of storage per month.
  • Additional data transfer per end user web speed page, over and above the included maximum data transfer restriction of 500MB per month, will be charged at $0.05 per MB of transfer or part thereof per month.
  • Normal telecommunications charges apply.
Payment date
  • For Grapevine GV Starter, GV 20-hour, GV 200MB, GV Unlimited, on the same date each month following the commencement date.
  • For GV Unlimited (3 month), on the same date each three months following the commencement date.
General conditions
  • Only one login at a time is permitted.
  • These plans are not available for users of permanent IP addresses.
  • During periods of high network usage, modems may not always be available.
  • ISDN access is not included.
  • Running servers or providing any public information service from a computer utilising the Grapevine service is strictly prohibited.
  • These plans are subject to acceptable use policy.
  • These services are not for resale.
  • Grapevine uses a TransACT Communications phone number for dialup customers. We recommend that you confirm with your phone service provider the call charges to access our dialup number before using the service.
  • Grapevine makes no guarantee that an internet service number will be charged at local call rates.
Special conditions
  • For the protection of all Grapevine end users (for example, to reduce the occurrence of spam emails), where deemed applicable, Grapevine reserves the right to:
    • limit the size of an email or attachment
    • limit the number of recipients to an email
    • restrict the use of email services where deemed inappropriate
    • all plans may be changed or withdrawn at any time.
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