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Technical support

Grapevine offers five levels of support services to customers:

  1. Account manager
  2. Guides
  3. Email support
  4. Phone support
  5. epayplus

In order to provide equal opportunity for all customers, we ask that you make any account changes online using the account manager service. We ask that if the enquiry is not urgent, that you use the technical support form or email support.

1. Account manager

The Grapevine account manager allows you to:

  • monitor your usage
  • view your time online
  • view your mailbox disk quota
  • change your dial-up password
  • change the disk quota allocated to your mailbox.

Access Account manager.

Note: your account manager user name and password is the same user name and password you use to connect to the internet.

A useful tip

If you are using a Windows operating system and have two windows open at the same time, by pressing the Alt and Tab buttons on your keyboard at the same time, you can switch between open windows on your computer.

This is particularly helpful if you have the Account manager open in one window and help open in another, as it allows you to switch between the Account manager window and the help window, so that you can use the Account manager service with help.

2. Guides

Grapevine guides include step-by-step instructions on how to set up internet connections and applications such as email and web pages.

Access the guides.

3. Email support

To help us provide efficient assistance, we ask that wherever possible you use the technical assistance form. This form will assist us give you the information required to help you with your enquiry.

Our technical support staff are also available to assist you with enquiries by email.

Our email response targets are:

  • next business day for a response to your initial email
  • within two business days for assistance on the issue.

Simpler support enquiries will be answered sooner. More technical enquiries will require a longer lead-time to provide you with a response. We cannot guarantee we will achieve the targets listed above.

Support is limited to the service provided by Grapevine. Refer to our definition of support for further information.

Our email support staff can be contacted on

4. Phone support

For urgent problems or enquiries, Grapevine can provide phone support. This support would usually concern:

  • dial-up configuration issues
  • modem operation and troubleshooting
  • internet protocol support (FTP, TCP/IP, POP, SMTP).

Our Helpdesk can be contacted on 13 35 00.

Operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday — 8.00am to 9.00pm
  • Saturday — 11.00am to 7.00pm
  • Sunday — Closed
  • Public holidays — 11.00am to 7.00pm

5. epayplus

epayplus is ActewAGL, TransACT and Grapevine's online payments and account management service. epayplus enables you to:

  • register all your accounts — electricity, natural gas, water/sewerage, TransACT and Grapevine accounts under a single profile
  • access your current and past invoices for your registered accounts
  • view your transaction history
  • pay your bills securely online
  • make a payment on your Grapevine account outside the normal direct debit process
  • change your ActewAGL mailing list subscription.

Grapevine customers need to register for epayplus by agreeing to the epayplus terms and conditions and registering a user name and password to access this service. If you forget your user name, please call the Grapevine Helpdesk on 13 35 00.

Access epayplus.

Definition of Grapevine support

Grapevine support involves the following services:

  • configuration of internet connections
  • email account(s)
  • a web homepage
  • online services such as epayplus, account manager, guides and web mail.

We do not provide support for problems that are not directly related to our Grapevine service. For example, if you have a problem with your operating system, you need to contact either the manufacturer or retailer of your computer, or if you have a problem with your phone line, you will need to contact your phone provider.

Treatment of support staff

We ask that when dealing with support staff (whether by phone, email or otherwise), please treat our staff with common courtesy at all times.

Feedback or suggestions

If you have any suggestions relating to Grapevine support service email us at

Grapevine support
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